A little story...

Watch Alyssa Yuhas, founder of LikeMinds!, talk about the idea & how she started this collaborative community at PechaKucha Toronto.

In early 2012-ish, Alyssa Yuhas left agency life to start her own business as a freelancer. Working alone from home, she had a dream of one day being surrounded by other creatives all hustling after their own dreams. She imagined these people would work, learn, and grow their businesses side-by-side all while cheering each other on. At the beginning of 2017, she joined her first Mastermind group which, although not working side-by-side, was the catalyst to bringing her dream back to life. In just eight months of meeting on a bi-weekly basis, she saw firsthand the power of being, dreaming & asking questions together. After a whirlwind of events in August 2017, LikeMinds! was born and a space in the heart of the city was uncovered.

LikeMinds! exists to make it easier for freelancers to start and grow their businesses. As a community, we learn from each other, work hard and have fun. At LikeMinds!, you will be surrounded by big dreamers, risk takers and courageous creatives that, if you let it, will only propel you forward.

Our aim is to come together intentionally once a week, where we can celebrate each others wins, ask questions & problem solve together with the ultimate goal of collaborating on big projects in the future. Further plans for the space include hosting pop-ups, workshops, dinners and launches as the party doesn’t stop after the 9-5.